Comfortable home, tastefully decorated and comfortably furnished. It is ideally located for those who prefer to be away from the bustle of the capital city, yet close to Budapest. Vác is at the heart of the beautiful region of the Danube Bend.

About us

We are a French-Hungarian family with five children, living in Hungary since May 2005. Before moving to Vác, we have lived in Paris, Versailles, and then in a little village near Aix-en-Provence. It has always been our dream to open a guest house, where we can offer not only accommodation to our guests, but also our knowledge of languages and of the country, our friendship, ... and a nice touch of French atmosphere in the heart of Hungary!
We live next door, the gardens of our house and the guest house are adjacent - but the two houses overlook two different streets – therefore our guests can enjoy their stay in full privacy. If needed we are at your disposal to help you during your stay, we can fluently speak Hungarian, French, English and German.

“Kabóca” (cicada)

The cicada (Kabóca in Hungarian, Cigale in French) is emblematic of Provence, but these insects do not only live in Provence. There are about 4500 species worldwide, including 16 in the South of France. The cicadas started to settle in Hungary just a couple of years ago!
Cicadas live under the ground from four to six years depending on the quality of the soil, followed by three to four weeks in the open summer air. Towards the end of its life, between August and early September, each female lays up to 400 eggs the size of a grain of rice. Only 5% will hatch out prior to burrowing into the ground to protect themselves from winter.
The cicada is the loudest insect in the world… provided the weather is warm. When it rains or when the temperature cools down, the cicadas are silent! No female sings, singing is the exclusive privilege of the male, whose belly is almost empty to better serve as a sound board.